Monday, February 15, 2010

St. George weekend

So me and Jon and his family went to St. George for the valentne weekend. It was so warm! Skye was sick the whole time so that was not fun but we still had a good time. We went hiking and went to the park and stuff.

Will you be my Valentine?!

So I decided one day that I wanted to have a little photoshoot with Skye for Valentines. It was so much fun I am going to do one for every holiday. So be watching out for St.Pattys day. Haha. At times it was hard to keep her still so I had to distract her with different being chocolate. So in one she has chocolate all over her face but I think its so cute! Love her! Happy Valentines day!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Silly Skye

So here are alot of updated pictures of Skye. The first one we did for Jons moms birthday. She also has a new face when she see's something exciting. And don't worry she isn't really drinking that coke. Haha. We love our little girl she is getting so big!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Devil Dog Dex!

So I have wanted a puppy for a really really long time. So for my birthday Jon totally suprised me with one! It was awsome! I cried It was so sweet of him. He is not good at suprising me with things so this was a huge deal! But our favorite show to watch is Dexter on Showtime. So we named him Dexter but we usually just call him Dex. Unless he is in trouble. But he is a siberan Husky and is already getting so big. I don't have any pics right now of when he was a tiny puppy. But he is definetly hard work. I call him devil dog cause I swear he is! He is way harder then Skye most days. Atleast she pees and poos in a diper. But we love him and now we feel like we are a real family!

Little miss Vixen

So it has been forever since I made a new blog. So I just put a bunch of random pics of Skye so you can see how big she is getting. She is 8 months now. She is such a little diva too. She also is crawling and knows where her nose is. She is getting so big it is crazy. Her and our new dog get along really good. When he gets in trouble she laughs. Its cute! And that other little girl is our friends Kendra and JJs daughter named Rettlee. She like to play with Skye!